Inspirations, Ideas, Important Q’s

The Conexus Celebrant ‘blog’ shares:

  • ‘real life’ stories as a source of inspiration for your life event;
  • ideas that might help ignite your picture of your ceremony;
  • points of view about common important questions you may need to consider.

One thought on “Inspirations, Ideas, Important Q’s

  1. What a beautiful story. This is my real life story.


    To have been in love once in your life is so very special, but to have been in love twice is truly unique. A woman can love her love her children, love her mother and father, love her brother or sister, but the love of two people that fills your heart with unexplained adoring happiness is a truly special connection.
    They were both 18, back in the late 1970s, early 1980s. They worked together every day. He was a cute, quiet fellow and would sit opposite her always eager to get her attention. She was more outgoing and flirtatious. She did like him. He did get her attention and he knew it. She would throw paper clips at him and he would flick rubber bands at her. They had a lot of fun. He would say he enjoyed going to work to see her. She was going out with another guy whom she loved. During this time she somehow got confused with her feelings. The cute quiet fellow knew when to take a step back. He didn’t want to see anyone get hurt. After a few years, she happily decided to marry her first love and the quiet cute fellow got on with his life. She had children and made a very happy home with her husband and family.
    The quiet shy fellow crossed her mind occasionally and when she was out shopping with her young daughter she ran in to him and he bent down and asked the daughter to show him her doll she was holding. He had not had children or married and seemed eager to get away. We both remember that day.
    She was very happy with her life and family, happy with her husband, both working very hard. They had many good happy times together. She always knew where the cute quiet fellow was living and how his life was going. She did love him and her character is of the person whom if you loved and cared for someone you always would care about them forever.
    Time passed and life changed in the early years of 2002. She and the shy quiet fellow reunited in 2003. When this happened he said “you smell exactly the same”. The cute quiet fellow is now my husband, he is everything to me and I am to him. We have a very special love for each other. He is a wonderful husband and step father to my children.
    I have no regrets with the choices I have made in my life, as I have beautiful happy healthy children to my ex husband. He is happy and we are good friends. My husband is a happy man. He is an absolutely super cute not so quiet old fellow. He is my “Touch of Paradise.” Everybody in life make their choices, we all do. I am a happy woman. Some people could say we are co-dependent, but we say we just enjoy being together and know each other better than anyone else. I am so glad we are together again.
    My Husband always says


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